Founded in 1995. Branch of business: hot-air balloon operations and activities.

So far 29 balloons have been imported, for example, OH-ESA Helsingin Sanomat balloon and OH-ZZZ Cramo balloon, which is the largest balloon in Finland carrying 19 passengers. The first so called Special Shape balloon in Finland, Costa Rica coffee packet, began its operation at the beginning of August 2001. The second special shape for us and the only one now in Finland now OH-NRE Nokian Tyres began its operation in October 2016.

September 2022 we started to co operate with Kokemuslento Oy 


Our pilots

Olli Luoma
commercial pilot
Jukka Kujala
Jouni Ojala
Jari Salmela
Vesa Ruohtula

Linnan Pallo

  • Founded 1995
  • Business-ID: FI1010090-2
Branch of business: hot-air balloon operations and activities.
  • advertising flights
  • passenger flights
  • importing hot-air balloons
  • repairing and maintenance of hot-air balloons
  • manufacturing of advertising banners and graphic design and production for balloons
Flying activities:  
  • Olli Luoma, commercial pilot (over 2000 hours PIC), instructor, gas balloon pilot
  • Jukka Kujala, pilot
  • Vesa Ruohtula, pilot
  • Jari Salmela, pilot
  • Jouni Ojala, pilot

Puusepänkatu 5, 13110 Hämeenlinna
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