Big Band

Onko teitä koko porukka lähdössä kokemaan yhdessä elämystä?

Työporukka, isompi perhe, naapurusto tai vaan kaveriporukka. Ottakaa isompi kuumailmapallo teidän lennollenne ja lähtekää porukalla ihailemaan maisemia. Tähän on tarjolla 8-12 hengen Big Band -lento.

Noudamme teidät toivomastanne paikasta ja elämyksen jälkeen palautamme tapaamispaikalle.


Ryhmäkoko: 8 - 12 henkeä.

Lentoaika: n. 1 tunti.

Tapahtuman kesto: 3 - 5 tuntia.

Muu ohjelma: Juhlava kuohuviiniseremonia, diplomien jako sekä paluukuljetus lähtöpaikalle.

Ajankohta: Ympäri vuoden.

Hinta: 2 570 € (sis. alv. 10 %).


Muut ryhmälennot:

Jos toiveenasi on suurempi ryhmälento (13-50 henkeä), otathan yhteyttä toimistoomme ja räätälöimme juuri teille sopivan kokonaisuuden.


Tiedustelut ja tarjouspyynnöt:

(03) 671 6444
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Yksityis- ja yrityslennot ryhmille

Jos haluatte omalle porukallenne oman yksityisen lennon, niin onnistuu! Yrityksen henkilökunnalle tai yhteistyökumppaneille oma lento. Tai sitten kaveriporukalle. Tai 60-vuotisjuhlat, jolloin koko perhe, lapset puolisoineen, lähtevät juhlistamaan tilaisuutta upealle lennolle tuttuja maisemia ihaillen.
Yksityislennoilla tulemme noutamaan ryhmänne vaikka kotiovelta tai yrityksenne konttorilta. Pyrimme lentämään toiveidenne mukaan vaikka kotiseutuanne yläilmoista katsellen.Yksityislentojen lentopäivät ja tapaamispaikat sovitellaan erikseen.

Lennot järjestetään n. 100 km säteellä Hämeenlinnasta.

Meillä on erikokoisia palloja eri kokoisille ryhmille. Lentovaihtoehdot ovat:

Ryhmäkoko: 4-5 henkeä                  Positiivarit-lento          Hinta: 1 520 € (sis.alv. 10%)

Ryhmäkoko: 6-7 henkeä                  Seitsikko-lento            Hinta: 1 810 € (sis.alv. 10%)

Ryhmäkoko: 8-12 henkeä                Big Band -lento           Hinta: 2 850 € (sis.alv. 10%)

Kaikki ryhmälennot sisältävät:

Lentoaika: n. 1 tunti

Koko tapahtuman kesto: 3-5 tuntia

Juhlava kuohuviiniseremonia

Diplomien jako


Tietoa lentämisestä pilotilta

Positiivisen palvelun

Pallon pystyttäminen ja kasaaminen porukalla


Jos haluatte varailla yksityista lentoa ryhmällenne, ottakaa yhteyttä toimistoon (03)6716444  info(at)                                                     




Terms and Conditions


Linnan Pallo staff will do their best to make customers would be satisfied with our service. Linnan Pallo complies with Finnish law, official regulations and its own quality system.

The deal is a binding contract. Ticket or voucher (ticket later) ordering a contract is concluded. The buyer or seller can not unilaterally change the contract or the buyer may be unilaterally canceled their orders. The contract change is needed the consent of both parties. Both the buyer and the seller's obligations and rights provided for the Consumer Protection Act.

Consumer Protection Act does not apply to trade between the two companies. If the individual is not otherwise agreed, in accordance with such conditions Linnan Pallo and between the purchasing corporation.

Ticket must be presented prior to departure and be carried on throughout the flight. The ticket is changed after a flight of a diploma.

Payment of the ticket
Ordered tickets must be paid by the due date. The payment period of at least 14 days. If the reservation is made less than 14 days before the scheduled flight, a ticket to be paid immediately or no later than on the due date.

If payment is not paid by the due date, to Linnan Pallo to cancel the flight of the reservation. Cancellation of booking does not mean that no invoice to pay.

The paid ticket is valid for one year from the date of the order. The public traffic flies the beginning of March beginning of October.

Linnan Pallo collects debts for recovery and interest laws in compliance with guidelines.

Cancellation policy
If the customer cancels the reserved flight later than 48 hours before departure, the flag shall be deemed to be exhausted. If the bill is still at that stage was not paid, the customer still has to pay the full amount.

Any unused ticket is refunded only if the cancellation is due to the customer by force majeure.

Force Majeure
The customer has the right to cancel the booking and get back the amount paid minus EUR 25 office expenses, if it would be unreasonable to require him to leave the tour due to the

a) he or a person close to him all of a sudden serious illness, serious accident or death. Close persons are spouses, partners, children, parents, siblings, grandchildren, grandparents, or travel companion.

b) he or a partner, with whom he has jointly booked a flight, encounters an unexpected and serious event (a traffic accident, fire, etc.), which makes it unreasonable to require him to embark on a journey.

The customer shall promptly notify the obstacle Linnan Pallo. The cancellation shall be a reliable account, as certified by a doctor, police protocol, or the insurance company's opinion. A refund for the Linnan Pallo has also returned to the unused ticket and provide the name and address and account number.

The customer has the right to get 9 months follow-up time because of pregnancy. Overtime will last until a child or an adopted child reaches the age of 9 months.

No-show boarding
If a no-show boarding,'s ticket becomes invalid. An exception can only be a case of force majeure, which shall be documented within one month of the planned flight.

Client's inappropriate behavior
Pilots have the right to deny your participation in the flight, if you cause themselves or others at risk the safety or comfort of a clear disadvantage. Or in a risk of disadvantages may be, for example if client does not follow instructions, and an aggressive or intoxication impulsive behavior. If the customer prohibits the involvement of the flight's ticket becomes invalid.

Flight cancellation because of the weather
Hot Air Balloon Flying requires favorable weather. The pilot makes the decision for flight operations, aviation regulations, meteorology and weather data received from air traffic control instructions. If the customer's flight canceled because of the weather ticket during the month of expiry, a ticket will be extended two months. If you cancel a flight scheduled for October, will be continued validity of 5 months.

Aerodrome Transfer
Coast of the planned flights can be moved inland, such as wind conditions. Weather conditions resulting from the transfers will be possible also in inland areas. The pilot makes the decision of the flight to safety in mind.

If the client feels that Linnan Pallo's service is provided has been inadequate, he should complain immediately. Complaints must be made Linnan Pallo no later than within two months of service perceived to be incorrect. We recommend that written notice of claim.

Issue resolution
If the client feels that he or she receives their case resolved Linnan Pallo, by negotiation, may contact their municipality consumer adviser. If necessary, the customer can lodge a complaint with the Consumer Complaint Board. You may also bring an action in Hämeenlinna District Court, or their place of residence at first instance.

Linnan Pallo's liability in case of damage
Hot Air Balloon Fly insecure with the Montreal Convention of 1999. This Agreement and may limit the liability of air transport accident.

The air transport undertaking shall be liable for damages regardless of fault of each traveler, 100 000 Special Drawing Rights (approximately EUR 123 000), until, unless the passenger has contributed to the injury. The excess of the air transport company is liable, unless it is unable to prove either that there is no damage caused to its own / its servants / agents of the carelessness or negligence, or that the damage was caused solely by a third party's negligence or misconduct.

The Montreal Convention: