Founded in 1995
Branch of business: hot-air balloon operations and activities.

  • advertising flights
  • passenger flights
  • importing hot-air balloons
  • repairing and maintenance of hot-air balloons
  • manufacturing of advertising banners and graphic design and production for balloons 

Flying activities

Olli Luoma, commercial pilot (over 2000 hours PIC), instructor, gas balloon pilot
Veini Ravantti, pilot
Jukka Kujala, pilot                                                                                                                                               Jari Salmela, pilot                                                                                                                                          
Jouni Ojala, pilot



Minna Honkasaari

Maintenance activities:

Maija Luoma, repairs and maintenance of envelopes, manufacturing of advertising clothes
Tommi Ylitalo, maintenance of burners and fuel systems.

The Company has been authorized by the Cameron Balloons to take care of all repairs and maintenance required for the hot-air balloons.

The Company has maintenance rooms with necessary equipment in the Inkala manor (owners Leila and Tommi Ylitalo).


Passenger flights
Begun in 1998, area of operation: southern Finland. In 2017 
the company is operating with the following balloons:

  • OH-IDD 12 passengers
  • OH-IDB 8 passengers
  • OH-IDF 5 passengers
  • OH-MAR 2 passengers
  • OH-GIG 2 passengers
  • OH-MLP 2 passengers

Advertising flights

In 2017 the company is operating with following advertising balloons:

  • OH-MLP Hämeenlinnan kaupunki
  • OH-IDD Stena
  • OH-IDB Dr. Oetker
  • OH-IDF Positiivarit
  • OH-GIG Gigantti
  • OH-MAR Marimekko Unikko
  • OH-NRE Nokian Tyres


Importing of balloons
Began in 1997.

The company is a local representative for Cameron hot-air balloons.

So far 29 balloons have been imported, for example, OH-ESA Helsingin Sanomat balloon and OH-ZZZ Cramo balloon, which is the largest balloon in Finland carrying 19 passengers. The first so called Special Shape balloon in Finland, Costa Rica coffee packet, began its operation at the beginning of August 2001. The second special shape for us and the only one now in Finland now OH-NRE Nokian Tyres began its operation in October 2016.

Advertising work for balloons
The company has manufactured several advertising clothes for balloons.

The company has made totally new graphics for one balloon (DANONE)..

Special events
The company carried out a trick of climbing under the hot-air balloon basket in the height of 100 metres for the Finnish television programme “Yllytyshullut”.

- Jukka Ollikainen

OH-IDA flew during the night at the turn of the year, taking off 31 December 1999 at 11.55. p.m. and landing 1 January 2000 at 09.00 a.m. The length of the flight was 9 hours 5 minutes.

- Olli Luoma

OH-IDB flew Finnish record at for the hight with hot air balloon 22.11.2013 7632 m.

- Olli Luoma

We have designed and been part of the realisation of several ballooning events:


  • Snowcastle-meeting in Kemi three times
  • "Kuumaa Huumaa" event in Hämeenlinna annualy since 1999
  • "Brunskär-meeting" in 1995, flying from the outer archipelago of Korppoo to the mainland
  • "Positiivarit" event in Lahti 2013, 2014
  • "Sibelius In The Air" in Hämeenlinna 2015
  • The flight of many balloons over the consert of AC/DC (50.000 people) Hämeenlinna 2015
  • "Positiivarit" event at  Aulanko, Hämeenlinna 2016
  • The flight of many balloons over the consert of Ironmaiden (23.000 people) Hämeenlinna 2016