General information

Comfortable outdoor leisure clothes and stout footwear are suitable wear. A peaked cap of other kind of headgear is recommended for the heat raditation of the burner. You may take a camera with you.The wind does not blow in the passenger basket because a hot-air-balloon flies with the wind. The temperature is the same as on the ground. We will fly in a panorama height of about 300-500 metres.

The passenger must be at least seven years old.

Weather requirement

There must be light winds, below 5 m / s. The height of the clouds and the visibility must be sufficient. Rain or threat of rain will prevent the flight. In spring, summer and autums we can fly only in the morning or in the evening due to rising air currents. The flights which are planned to take place on the coast can be transferred to inland for examble because of the wind conditions. Transfers due to the weather conditions are possible also inland. The pilot will make the decision of the flight considering the safety aspects.